Confidence, Insecurities, and Knowing Your Business Strengths with Tara McMullin (003)


This week I’m bringing you the very first interview on the podcast and so lucky to be talking to Tara McMullin, a business strategy powerhouse!

Tara McMullin is the founder & host of What Works - a podcast and professional network for small business owners. She’s been connecting small business owners through mastermind groups and online community for over a decade. Whether on the podcast or in the online network, her goal is to facilitate the free flow of ideas, information, and inspiration between entrepreneurs.

She's also a climbing badass!

In this episode, we cover a breadth of topics from Tara’s journey to entrepreneurship, identifying your strengths and when to focus on improving your weaknesses, how “advice culture” might not be serving some small business owners, the power of her What Works community, and how adopting a fitness habit has revolutionized her mindset and business.


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