Want to Double Interest in Your Retreat in 7 Days? Join the LIVE Webinar!

Retreat Marketing Shouldn't Be So Hard!

Do you sometimes feel like marketing your retreat is a never ending hustle?

Your students keep saying they'd love to go on a retreat with you...but then when you finally create it...those same people never seem to sign up.

Or you've been promoting your retreat like crazy on social media...but those posts get a fraction of the engagement that your other content receives?

You’re stressed because that non-refundable deposit is due in a few days and you still need several people to sign up in order to break even (let alone make a profit) on the retreat.

Believe me. I’ve seen thousands of retreats come across the Yoga Travel Tree website feeling that same kind of frustration, exhaustion, and fear.

And we struggled with it too - but over the last few years I’ve figured something out.

When it comes to travel, it takes more than some pretty pics and a great idea to get people to jump on board. It requires real connection, real interest, and real understanding about what you can offer and what your community wants.

At Yoga Travel Tree, I launched our first Signature Retreat kind of on a whim.

I wanted to design a yoga experience that featured the transformational power of adventure travel...with a healthy side serving of yoga.

I didn’t want my participants to retreat from the world...I wanted them to engage in it!

And so I created the first Bali Yoga Adventure. And over the course of the next 18 months, I launched 12 more Yoga Adventures on three continents in 7 countries.

Were they all huge successes? Nope.
Did I finally figure out a system that worked to help us fill our retreats with our dream participants? Yep!

I faced some serious challenges along the way. And I don’t want anyone else to be held back the way I was!

That’s why, next week, I’m hosting a free live training to show you how to double interest in your next retreat in just 7 days.

At this free workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why promoting retreats and travel is different (and more challenging) than any other kind of marketing
  • The #1 marketing mistake most retreat leaders make (and how to fix it)
  • The five critical places you need to be featuring your retreat + creating a wait list
  • How to leverage your raving fans as your biggest promoters
  • PLUS a LIVE Q&A session where I’ll answer all your questions about creating, launching, and leading retreats around the world!


In order to accommodate everyone's schedule, we’re hosting a Tuesday webinar AND a Thursday webinar, both at 7pm CST.  If you already know that you can’t make it to the live show, we’ll be sharing a limited-time recording to those who register! So, make sure to still sign up for one of the time slots, so you can access the recording. You definitely won't want to miss out on this invaluable info.

I’ll be looking for YOUR name in the live chat!

So, here’s to your next adventure! See you at the workshop, rockstars!

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