How to Master Marketing Like Gary Vee & Herding Millennials with Mark Josey (004)

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Want to learn how to market like Gary Vee AND how to lead a team of millennials? This is the interview for you!

Today I'm chatting with Mark Josey, CEO of Social Apex, a full-stack digital marketing agency based in Kansas City.

  • In the interview we talk about Mark’s journey from upper management of the #1 telecom company in the US to starting his own media consultancy to joining forces with a group of 21 year old content creators to become the CEO of Social Apex.

  • We talk about what it’s really like to lead a team of Gen Y and Z creators and his #1 strategy when managing millennials.

  • Mark also gets candid about some of his biggest mistakes when he transitioned from corporate to small business owner to CEO

  • We couldn’t not talk about content marketing and the “Gary Vee Method” of marketing and building brands. We riff about how small businesses, solopreneurs, and anyone just starting out can effectively apply this strategy in just a couple hours a week.

This is a great episode for anyone who leads teams, thinking about starting their own business, or curious how to let go of a corporate comfort zone.


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