A Clear Mind, and A More Successful Lifestyle

Image Credit:  Richard John Pozon

What distinguishes the winners from the losers? It is not brains. Nor is it riches. The winners inch past the finishing line because they don't quit – no matter how bad they want to. Those who fall by the wayside are the ones who don't realize success was this close. The non-winners in life are people who let their brilliant business ideas rot inside them because they are afraid of failure. The losers in life are those people who stifle their dreams and desires because they are afraid to go against society's conventions. Those who get left behind even after they make a strong start are the people who let their negative thoughts get the better of them and lose focus somewhere along the line.

Fear. Anxiety. Self-doubt. Regret. These negative thoughts and emotions keep us from moving forward in our lives. Yet we all let these clutter our minds and sabotage our chances of living a life of our dreams. Some of us are even lovingly attached to these negative thoughts! We nurture them and let them grow till they become a part of our psyche and begin to define us.

A clear, clutter-free mind is a hallmark of the winners in life. Here's how a clear, clutter-free mind empowers you to become more productive and lead a more meaningful life.

No Fear=Courage to Take Risks

Fear is a debilitating emotion. Unfortunately, most of us harbor a lot of fears. We are afraid of failing, so we stick to time-tested and proven ways of thinking and doing things. We dwell upon our mistakes of the past and fear what will become of us in future, so we try to stay "safe."

Now look at some of the successful people you know. That man who is running his successful bakery business quit a corporate job that paid him a six-figure salary. He now not only earns more but is also living his dream. The best-selling author left college midway to pen her first novel. She went ahead and decided to put into words the idea in her head not knowing whether or not her readers will even like her story.

Fear and self-doubt also plague the winners' minds. But they shrug off these emotions as idle chatter of the monkey mind and get going with what they had set out to do. This distinguishes them from the duds who let their negative feelings prevent them from taking risks, embracing the new, and exploring off the beaten tracks.

No Self-Doubt=Freedom to Follow Your Dreams

What's keeping you from quitting your job and traveling round the world? Are you afraid of not having a steady income, or do you feel compelled to remain in a job you hate because you have to build a tidy nest egg?  A negative mind gives power to others to make it happy or sad. It fishes for compliments and is put off by criticism. It believes acceptance comes from conformity, so it fears swimming against the tide. Its thinking is clouded by self-doubt and feelings of insecurity, so it is afraid to express itself. A cluttered mind is unable to entertain hope.

Winners do not let inhibitions and societal conventions dictate their choices. They do not live to impress others. Nor is their self-esteem tied to rewards and recognition. They go where their hearts lead them. They are happy living their dreams out. Although they don't care about earning millions or making headlines, their enthusiasm and authenticity eventually attract fame and riches.

No Hatred or Preferences=Greater Empathy and More Productive Collaborations

An uncluttered mind is non-judgmental. A non-judgmental person does not describe people or experiences as "pleasant" or "unpleasant." A clear mind is unbiased. An unbiased person can put themselves into the shoes of another person and see their side of the story.

A clear mind also does not harbor hatred or preferences. A person may have been wronged, but he can choose to forgive, forget, and move on while keeping his faith in the essential goodness of humanity. He accepts people as they are, an attitude that comforts others and assures them to be their authentic selves.

No man is an island. You need people to help you get your brilliant ideas off the ground. From suppliers who will provide you with the materials you need to marketers who will spread the word about your offerings, you need to collaborate in every sphere of your life. A clear mind is empathetic. Empathy attracts people and fosters positive and productive collaborations – which will only lead to more success in life.

A clear mind is positive, optimistic, empathetic, wise, and compassionate. Freeing your mind of negative emotions lets you discover the joys of life, be more upbeat, and tap into the limitless reserves of your mind to bring more energy and enthusiasm in everything you do.

There are many ways to clear your mind, whether it be yoga, meditation, swimming or simply cozying up on the couch and reading a book. Whatever works for you, the important thing is that you take action. Be the person you are meant to be. Have a clear purpose, a clear path and a clear mind.

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